Tuesday, November 17, 2009

24 weeks

It's time for my 24 week update! Woohoo! That means I'm about 6 months along in this pregnancy. I love being pregnant. True, there are times when I can't stand it, but I really don't have many problems. Some people are sick the whole time, or have to go on bedrest. I am lucky, and the only problem has been my partial placenta previa, which can fix itself, and if it doesn't, then that just mean I get to pick my baby's birthday by having a c-section.

Anyways, as of my last appointment, I was one pound heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. I know that sounds bad, but I lost about 15 pounds and then gained it back plus one. So, yay! I can still wear some of my regular shirts...just not my pants.

Michael has been moving like crazy in utero. He is pretty much like his big brother...doing flips all the time, and pretty much not letting me forget that he's there. He still isn't quite as active as Ethan was in the womb, but pretty close. I can't wait to see him and meet him for the first time, but I want him to stay inside as long as possible. It's the best thing for him, so I just have some excited patience.

Here are my most recent pregnancy pictues:

Me showing off how happy I am.

Ethan touching my belly. He is super excited to be a big brother.

Ethan giving Michael a kiss!
Anyways, hope you enjoyed this update! My next appointment is the end of this month, in which I get to do the gluclose test...woohoo. Then 2 weeks after that, I should be having my ultrasound to see if the placenta previa is gone. Keep your fingers crossed!

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