Friday, April 18, 2008

Photography of Flowers

I know I told everyone I was going to post the pictures of the flowers on here, but when I went to do it, the program wouldn't let me post any images. So I decided to wait a couple of days. It works again! So, there were alot of pretty flowers and I LOVE photography. When I was taking classes in college, this project was the one I got the highest grade on. I love taking nature pictures. Only problem is that I don't have a professional camera. I get so sad about it sometimes because I know my pictures could be so much better. I wish we weren't in debt so much and I could just get a really nice camera. Now, I do have a nice camera, but I bought it when film was still popular. If you have ever developed pictures in a dark room, you can understand why I still have it. I love the whole process of film development, but, alas, it is going by the wayside. Maybe I can trade it in....

Okay, sorry, I went off topic. Here are my pictures. I am thinking about entering a couple in a photo contest held by the Flower Fields. Let me know which ones you like!

Okay, can anyone tell me what flower this is? I have an idea, but I am not positive.
Here are a few bouquets that they already had cut and sitting out. This was about as close as you could get to them.
Golden! (My fav of the 5 bouquets)

Cool fountain
I don't know what this is called either.
The Artist's Garden. So many cool flowers.
Pinks and purples.
I LOVE the purple dots inside the white. My mom said this is a Hollyhock.

Ranunculus as far as the eye can see!

Up close pink.
Red sweet peas. They smelled really good!
There was also some famous Ecke Pointsettia. (I didn't know Ecke was famous. Oops!) Here are my two favs.
Second fav!

Orange is so pretty in nature
I was really surprised my little camera took this!
Some neat ground cover. It was worth the walk up the hill to see these.
Red, Jason's favorite color.
These purple flowers were really pretty. I wish they had a bouquet of these!

Anyways, I had a really great time here. I would like to go again sometime, but with Jason so he could run around with Ethan, and I could fill up the memory card on the camera!

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Crystal said...

I have a new fav... I love the single one with the orangy-yellowy color in it. It looks like it has a little hole in it and then you can see the shadow in the distance on the ground with the same hole. AMAZING!!