Sunday, April 27, 2008

Carly Ryann is here!

Here she is! The newest addition to the family. Carly Ryann, my cousin Justin's daughter. (That sounds weird!) She arrived April 25th at around 1am and weighed in at 7lbs, 3oz and 20 inches long. She has dark blue eyes and, as you can see, masses of dark black hair. She also has the cutest little dimple in her chin that she can thank her father for.

I was able to take my grandparents and aunt to go see her today. It was nice to see the family and reminisce about when Ethan was first born. It makes me want to have another one, especially a girl, but my dreams will have to wait until we have a place of our own. Ethan was the first full great grandchild to the family, but Carly is the first girl. My half brother has two boys, and they DO count, he is just on my father's side and this is on my mother's side. Okay, family history lesson over!

Anyways, Carly is great and here are the pictures for those who were waiting! Enjoy!

Precious Carly!
Poppy and Carly

Grandma and Carly...Auntie looking over

Ethan sitting next to Ashley and Carly

Poppy showing Ethan how to measure stuff

Ethan playing with Justin's dogs.

Auntie with Carly

Grandma and Auntie with Carly
Me and Ethan with Carly
Justin and Ethan
Ashley, Carly and Poppy

Babies are soo sweet! Welcome to the world Carly! We can't wait to see what you can do!


Roundy Clan said...

You look hot in the picture of you holding the baby! Just thought I'd let you know! haha

Crystal said...

What a little sweetie pie! Justin looks so old! Wow!