Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Is 27 old?

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. Wow. It kinda snuck up on me although, I had my birthday on my mind for awhile. I like hanging on to the thought of a day completely celebrating me. There is no other day of the year like that, especially when you become a mother. It is never about you anymore. I had this thought when I woke up yesterday morning, and accepted that the day would be no different than any other day. Maybe a couple of phone calls of well wishes and a birthday card in the mail, but nothing hugely different. I decided to finish our room cleaning project, which is basically done. But I got a surprise. When my mom called to wish me a happy birthday, she said she wanted to drive up and take me to lunch. Yay! So, while Ethan was napping, I did the dishes, and then got ready for her to get here. We went to Applebee's. Here are some pictures from the restaurant:

Me and Ethan

Ethan and grandma
Thanks for lunch Mom!
Ethan had fun blowing out my "candles"
Then we had fun rollling them!
My birthday "candles"
Ethan and grandma
When we got back from lunch, Ethan and I played outside for awhile. It was kinda windy, so I was surprised when Ethan found a butterfly on the grass. It actually let me almost pick it up. It flew off when I touched it. But it stayed around us for a long time. I tried to get pictures, but this was the best one. My camera isn't the greates for super up close photos. But I LOVE butterflies, so this was like a birthday treat from God. :)

Ethan doing some kind of splits in the grass.
Riding a lawn turtle. He looks alot like his Uncle Ryan in this picture when he was little.
Laying in the grass.
Sitting in the leaves.
Riding the turtle

When Jason got home from work, we went out to Pegasus Hobbies in Montclair to fool around. They have a race track in the back for remote control cars. Ethan could have watched it forever. I really liked it too. I didn't know they had things like this, so it was neat to see all theses little cars racing around like Nascar or something.

Two cars doing jumps
Ethan pointing to the cars
Ethan and Daddy watching the cars
It was a really nice birthday!

I forgot to put a picture of Ethan up here of when we went to get ice cream with grandma after lunch. I will post it after this one. Thanks for a great birthday!

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Roundy Clan said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! i thought mine was going to be boring too but it ended up being great! Yeah for birthdays!