Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My son thinks he's a dog...

Today we were up at my grandma's house, and Ethan was having fun chasing the dogs around. They have a standard poodle named Morgan, and a toy poodle named Tammy. Morgan usually plays with him and Tammy doesn't. Tammy is very skittish and unaffectionate. Well, today she sat still long enough for Ethan to pet her and even give her a hug! I was so shocked! Later, I noticed Ethan following her and here are some pictures of what I saw:

Ethan sitting in Tammy's dog bed. I love his look. He is like, "What?"

In this one he was making himself comfortable.
He decided to lay down for awhile. :)
Ethan getting comfortable with Tammy.
He hugged her and said "Cheese!" I think he was trying to pose her as well!

After this, she had had enough. She started snapping at him. I would say bite, but she doesn't have any teeth really, so she was gumming him. Anyways, he had fun, and that's all that matters.

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