Saturday, June 13, 2009

May the Force be with you!

We decided to go to Disneyland one day, kinda late in the day, and I didn't even bring my camera. BIG mistake! We ended up walking past the Jedi Training Academy and watching a show. Kids get picked from the audience to get a lightsaber and fight Darth Vader or Darth Maul. Ethan loved it so we hung around for the next show to see if he would get picked. He did! We were surprised. And of course, no camera! But we have cameras on our phones, so Jason and I were trying to take a whole bunch. The disney photographer was there to, so we went to see those pictures on our way out of the park. Ok, backtracking. So he got picked, and he ended up right in the front on the stage. He was first in line to fight Darth Vader. He was soooo much taller than Ethan! He did a really great job, and then they had him sit on the floor to wait with the other kids. Next thing we know, they picked him again and he got to fight Darth Maul as well! Apparently, that doesn't happen often, because when we went to check out the pictures, we kept telling the guy he got to fight them both, and he was like," Are you sure? Darth Vader is on the stage, and Darth Maul is on the floor." Um, yeah, we know who they are and he got to fight both.

Anyways, here are the pictures we got. Enjoy our little Jedi!

Ethan getting one-on-one instruction.

This was at the end...he was trying to put his hood up, and his whole robe ended up on his head. The lady jedi standing there couldn't stop laughing!

These are the pictrues the Disney took. Fighting Darth Vader!


Trying to reach! (I love his toes!)

Getting ready to fight Darth Maul

Take that!

I always take my camera now.... NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

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Crystal said...

So cute! Glad you guys got some pictures with your phone, great quality too!