Monday, June 15, 2009

Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

On June 4th, Ethan and I went with some gals from church to the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. (For more info, visit I wasn't expecting very much, but I was pleasantly surprised. We didn't even get to see everything, it was so big. Ethan and I stuck mainly to the gardens area. I didn't know how he would do inside looking at all the art. But that's okay, because there was plenty to see outside. We had alot of fun and I hope to go back again with Jason or my mom.

Getting ready to see cool stuff.

I just liked the way this tree looked.

Ethan ended up wanting his picture taken in front of all the statues. I like this one.

A dog!

Shisha dog. I had to get one of these for my brother since he was in Japan for 3 years.

In front of the entrance for the Chinese Gardens

Cool window

I felt like I was in China.

My hero!

Cool rock structure.

Weeping willow

These are lotus flowers. I couldn't get any closer and it bothered me that I couldn't get a closer picture of these beautiful flowers.

Cool tree looking over the Japanese Garden.

Neat archway.

Japanese Garden

Bonsai! There were a bunch, so here are my faves.

Ethan wanted a picture of his rock....I dressed it up with a flower. :-)

Ever see a pomegrante bonsai tree? Now you have!

My monkey hanging out in the bamboo.

They have a children's discovery garden where your kids can just run around and touch everything and you can just relax. Here is an arch tunnel you can run through.

Where's Ethan? In the fog!

I was taking his picture with the lizard in the back, but I really like the perspective of this photo.

Ok, I know Ethan doesn't look his best here, but I'm trying to show you the rainbows on him.

Rainbow room! I loved the way the Jasmine looked hanging over the rainbow.

Playing with magnetic sand (graphite)

Pretty flowers


Playing with water. This was the hit area with all the kids.

But I came prepared with a change of clothes!

Ethan kept opening this gate for people to walk through. What a gentleman!

Climbing stairs.

I don't know the name of this plant, but I call them Bluebells.
We had a great time and I can't wait to go again. The best thing was that it was free the day we went. The first Thursday of every month is free day, but you have to call in advance to get tickets. Check the website for more info, because I think you have to call 1-2 months in advance. And although it's called the Huntington library, it's located near Pasadena. Who knew?


Sarah said...

I believe that it is called the Huntington Library because it once belonged to a guy whose last name was I do not know if Huntington Beach was named after this guy or not, but I know he was a pretty influential person...I believe that there is a copy of a Gutenberg Bible in the library that once belonged to him, along with some pretty famous paintings.

Roundy Clan said...

pretty pictures Cari!