Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Show 'N Go

Every May, my grandpa helps out the the Show 'N Go car show that's held in downtown Riverside. This year, my mom and I took Ethan to go look at the cars. We didn't stay long because it was loud and Ethan actually didn't like all the walking around. So here are a couple of pictures I took.

Mom and Ethan walking to the show.

There was a guy who had a little corvette. There was actually a sign that said don't touch, but the owner moved it and helped Ethan get in. Isn't it awesome?!

Ethan and Mom

"Fishing" off the side of Poppy's truck

We went for a cruise around the car show. This is mom and Ethan riding in the back of Poppy's truck.


Crystal said...

Don't you guys do this every year? That is so cool. I should take Elijah to something like that, he would love it! Glad you guys had fun!

kailiaelf said...

My grandpa does it every year. We don't always get to go, but I want to try to go more. It is always so loud!