Saturday, June 13, 2009


The end of May, we went back to Utah, though this was a work related trip. Jason still does not have a steady job, so when he gets a side job, we go where the money is. There is a company in Utah, called Learn Key. They make training videos. So Jason got hired to be filmed teaching a class for them. He is going out there again the end of this month, but we won't be going this time because our friends are going to be out of town. Darn! Anyways, here are the pictures from this trip. I can't remember what days we did what, so here are the highlights.

Ben reading all 3 kids bedtime stories.

A nice day, so we pulled out water stuff. I think Ethan is being very zen here.

Running and jumping!

Roar! (Jason took this picture, I love it!)

Letting the water out...

This bucket is what they use to store their water toys, but the kids loved transferring the water from the pool to it and then getting in. Tada!

Ethan telling Josie to stop.


First slip and slide!

I just think this picture is too cute! I keep seeing these two getting married when they are older. Awwww!

.....who knows.

Claire had so much fun with this little cup.

This was after music group so that means it was Tuesday! The kids were having fun jumping into this thing....those are Claire's legs. She kept going at it with reckless abandon!



I don't know what instrument Josie is playing, but Ethan was rocking out on air guitar!

Naptime? I wish! They were just pretending!


Watch out Disney! I got the newest cast member for High School Musical 4 right here!

We went to a cool park that was all wooden, but HUGE! You can't just sit here and let your kids run around....they could get lost. So it's fun for adults too! Claire and Ethan by the rocket ship.

Josie and Ethan inside the rocket ship.

Ready for blast-off!

Sharing the tire swing....Ethan didn't care for it.

Hi Mom!

Claire before the slide......

......Claire after the slide. Poor thing, it was too high off the ground and it moved FAST! She landed right on her bum at the end.

All 3 on the spinning thing.

Peeking out of a dinosaur head.

Our little busy bees.

We went to Thanksgiving Point to check out the Farm Country they have there. Here are the kids right before.

Riding a cow.

Baby chick!

Barbara found a handsome fellow in the goat pen.

Ethan posing with a goose

They were being naughty, so I just had to lock them up!

Okay, so I was being naughty too.

I think Ethan looks like his mommy, what do you think?

I'm standing straight, and there was still an inch of space between me and the roof. So I am short.

Getting crazy in the dance hall!

Barb and her kids in the carriage.

First carriage ride for me AND my little man!

Look Ma! I'm feeding a goat!

They were feeding cute little baby goats!

This was the highlight, the feeding of the goats.

Look at those sunkissed cheeks! We had fun though. I love how Ethan has his hand on Claire....see? They are betrothed!

I think this was Friday. Josie playing with the hose.

Having a drink.

Cute Josie

Sprinkler fun!

Cutie Claire



Channeling Elvis.

Saturday we went back to the cool park, and we brought Jason, Ben and Ben's sister Esther with us. This is the volcano slide.

Jason and Ethan on a beehive.

Playing with some chimes.

Josie with the chimes.

Claire climbing.

Ben, Barb and Esther.

Okay, this was earlier in the week, but they were taken with Barb's underwater camera. This is at the Lehi Pool. Most awesome pool ever!

Mom and Ethan. Roar!


Kissing mom, but he kinda just got my top lip.

This splash was Ethan and I coming down the water slide. That thing went so fast and Ethan shot out at the end. We didn't go on it again.

Another day, still Barb's camera...we made a trek to Target and I ended up with all the kids. We were holding hands! Aww!

After Target we had a picnic at a park. It was nice.
I can't wait to go back again, we have such a good time with the Dolmans. I hope we can go back more often and not just for Jason to work there. He should be able to have some fun too right?

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