Monday, September 29, 2008

Carlsbad! (Day One)

This past week, we were able to go down to a timeshare in Carlsbad. My mom's cousin wasn't able to use it, so we switched off. My mom went down a few days with my grandma and aunt, then we went on tuesday and wednesday. After that my mom and my aunt went back down and invited some friends to visit the rest of the week. Anyways, it was a nice little getaway, and we also got to visit our friends that live down there. It was also Ethan's first time at the beach (go figure, since we live in California) so it was nice to see him enjoy that. I have alot of pictures, so bear with me. This is the first day we were there, and I will explain things as we go along.

This is the little picnic area of the timeshare. It was pretty big.
These are the stairs going up to the timeshare from the beach. You just went up the stairs, crossed a little street and you were at the timeshare.
I was walking down the stairs to meet my boys at the beach and this is what I found.
I thought their sandals looked cute sitting in the sand like that.
Ethan was so excited to be playing in the water and sand.
Right after I moved my camera from taking this pictures, I looked up and Ethan was in the water. I guess he got knocked down.
Cute holding hands
So Happy! (and wet)
My favorite boy. He loves the beach too. We really should go more.
I think Jason was telling Ethan to stand still so that he would sink in the sand and get stuck....but Ethan doesn't stand still very well.

Coming to get mommy wet.
Splashing into Dad.
Jason dug in the sand and found a sand crab. So he was letting Ethan hold it.
The little sand crab
Looking at the waves

After Ethan's nap, we drove to El Cajon to check out this place called The Boardwalk. He sounded cool, but Ethan was really too little for it. It was mostly an arcade, with a couple of big things. The highlight was the bounce castle. It costs 3 tokens to play on. At least he had the whole thing to himself.
We found sharks while we were there.
My big boy climbing all by himself!
Cute shot through the net.
He's an astronaut

On our way back to Carlsbad for the night, we stopped at a little park. Ethan was loving the swings. Jason was using an inflatable bat to push him. Ethan got a kick out of it.

Jason found something fun to do too! This thing really needs a new spring.
Notice his face....he almost slide off the back.
I had some fun too!

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Roundy Clan said...

I am jealous. I miss Carlsbad so much....if money were no object, I would want to live there! Cute pictures