Friday, September 12, 2008

Jumping Jacks

On Wednesday night, Jason, Ethan and I went to Jumping Jacks. I have put a link that takes you to their website with all their info. (

Anyways, it's basically a bunch of blow-up houses, slides, etc. It cost 7 bucks for Ethan and Jason and I were free. It was pretty cool. Ethan was scared to go on any of them at first. He had to see Jason go first, then he was fine. It was also kinda near his bedtime so he was tired. I posted some pictures. The lighting was terrible so I didn't take very many. There is some video too, which I will post, although it is to much embarrassment to myself. But we laughed about it, so why shouldn't you? :) Enjoy!

This was Ethan's favorite. He kept going back to it because of the slide. He had a blast....
...but I think Jason did too!
Jason and Ethan on the big one....Ethan is toward the bottom.
My getting my a** handed to me...literally. The slide kept giving me wedgies.
They had an area where you could beat the heck out of each other. I just like how this glove is the same size as Ethan.
If anyone is looking for a good fun workout with your kids, I recommend this place. It's free for adults, and you get a slight discount on siblings. Have fun!

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Crystal said...

How fun! We have one of those out here. I went when Elijah was a month old. Brielle was too shy to do anything, but we should try it again.