Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day

Monday was Labor Day, and we didn't really have any set plans. It was just nice to have Jason home with us. Anyways, I guess the Pearson's and a bunch of other church families that grew up together, always do a BBQ in Upland. We hadn't been for a long time...I went one year, but I can't remember if we had been married already or not, so at least 7 years. So we decided to go. It was a very nice park. Ethan had a great time, and Sara came over later and brought the girls. That made it even more fun. Everyone was excited to meet Ethan and the food was super good. We even had time to sit down and play dominoes, which I hadn't done for 5 years. So it was a good day. Ethan never got a nap, but he ended up doing okay. Here are some pictures!

Ethan riding a frog.... he kept saying "Ribbit!"
I think he tipptoed across this thing until Lily got there...then she showed him how it was done and he never slowed down again.
"I wanna go over there"
Discussing the slide. He loved that thing and it didn't bother him how high it was.

Enjoying the swings
Grandma bought Ethan his first ice cream from the ice cream man....unfortunately it melted over him. But he liked it!
Chillin' in cousin Lily's Vette. I can't believe Sara hauled this thing to the park...but the kids loved it!
Sara and Lily swining. I just love Lily's face in this one.
Ethan and Brooke being pushed by crazy Jason...he had them pretty high.

Brooke and Lily. Didn't come out quite how I envisioned it, but kids don't sit still well.
Jason and Ethan, poised for action!
This is 3 kids, after no naps and LOTS of sugar!
After the park we went by Sara's to look at the turtle tank. Ethan loved it....but he loves all animals.
After we got home, we were trying to keep Ethan up, because it was too late for a nap. So everyone went swimming, except for me. Someone has to take the pictures ya know!

It was a nice day, and it didn't cost us anything. That's the best part. And we had a lot of fun. Ethan got to spend time with family and we got to relax a little. All in all a good day. Happy Labor Day!

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Crystal said...

Have I mentioned how cute your son is!! =)

BTW, I love that you comment on my blog so much. I feel so loved! Thank you for being such a great friend!