Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wednesday...Date with Jason!

On Wednesday, Jason had the day off, so my mom watched Ethan so we could go out. It was nice except that I had an injury that morning. Ethan likes to jump alot, and I tend to get in the way alot. I have never been seriously hurt, but on this particular day, he jumped at just the right angle and his head went right into my lip, which crashed into my teeth. It took about 2 seconds for my lip to swell. It looked like I had a marble under my lip. There is a pretty nasty bruise underneathe as well, but I am still debating whether or not to take a picture. It's been 4 days, but it still looks pretty bad, if you didn't see it on the first day. Anyways, I have a couple pictures at the bottom, mainly to show the swelling.

Jason and I ended up having a good day. We went to Disneyland and took out time enjoying big kid rides. I went on Tower of Terror with Jason....never again. If you don't like dropping fast in the dark, this ride is not for you.

We went on a couple of rides, but spent most of our time in the new House of the Future exhibit in Innoventions. Pretty cool. They also had a Segway( )you could test drive. It was pretty cool.

Afterwards, we went and got dinner at Outback. Yummy! It was a nice day. And very nice to have a big chunk of a day with just Jason. We both needed it. Thanks Mom!

Jason and I at the front of the park
Jason on the Segway
Me getting taught by Carrie...she thought I was joking when I told her I was Cari too!
My fat lip...I was actually smiling... can you tell?
Inside of fat wasn't as purple as it got later....also it's very hard to eat with a fat lip.

Hope you enjoyed my little story!

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Crystal said...

What a fun day! I love having date nights with Zac. It always helps to feel like a couple again, and not just parents. =)