Friday, August 8, 2008

Reflections ~ Year Two

Here is Ethan's Second Year. We had some ups and downs this year, but I think overall, it was a good year. Enjoy the pictures!

Jan. 07. Ethan was a little rosy cheeked because he had a slight fever... nothing too crazy.
Feb. 07. Okay, my only pictures from Feb. were the stitches he had. He tripped and hit his head on a toy bucket. 3 stitches later, my little guy looks like this. :( Oh well, it had to happen, knowing my brother's track record for head splits. Anyways, you can barely see the scar now.
Mar. 07. Ethan loves music and dancing. (Yay!) Anyways, he was walking around with Grandpa's mp3 player. I also love the hair FINALLY coming in on his head!
Apr. 07. There is an elementary school with a nice playground across the street from us. It has this really neat tree there, and we decided to take pictures of Ethan. Jason has pictures from when he was about the same age, posed on a tree like this. I will have to scan it and post it one day.
May 07. Okay, in the span of a month, he went from looking like a baby to a little boy! At least to me he did. And his hair was long enough to do this, so I was excited!
Jun. 07. Ethan loves trying on all kinds of shoes. I love how he is looking at me like there is nothing interesting to see.
Jul. 07. This Month SUCKED. My grandma was diagnosed with cancer and had a kidney removed while we were visiting in Idaho and we thought we were going to lose her. Then we went to Vegas (where this picture was taken), and Ethan and Jason both got violently ill. Threw up all night. When we got back to Cali, we thought he was okay, but he ended up having to be hospitalized for dehydration. They had to run an IV, which isn't fun with an 18 month old, and also one as active as ours. But he made it through alright. Whew!

Aug. 07. This is at my brother Dean's house in Idaho. Unfortuanately, we were back for my grandfather's funeral. He had 2 strokes and we lost him. We were all very shocked because my grandma had just been so ill. But he is in a better place now.
Sept. 07. We were all gussied up for Jason's grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Both of Jason's grandparents have been diagnosed with different types of cancer. His grandfather is terminal and we don't know about his grandma yet. But this night was a very happy one.
Oct. 07. Dressed up for Halloween at the church's Trunk or Treat. He wouldn't dress up in the outfit we had for him, which was Elmo, so he went as a "farmer." He had fun though!
Nov. 07. We went to Oceanside for a playdate with Crystal and her kids. He had alot of fun running around this little park.
Dec. 07. The boy turns 2! We had Ethan help us paint these letters, and then we took pictures of him at a couple of parks in Covina. We then sent them out in our Christmas cards. I can't believe he's 2!

Also, we lost my grandma in the month of December. She died right around my grandpa's birthday. We were surprised she lived as long as she did after he passed, but we were glad to know she wasn't suffering anymore. One of her sisters also passed away a couple of days before my grandma's funeral. So the family took quite a blow to lose 2 within a couple days of each other. But we also had a couple of births in the family, on Jason's side, and I have some friends that had babies as well. Yay!


Roundy Clan said...

so funny how much they have in common because Tyler puts everyone's shoes on! Mine, Cody's, grandma's, Aunt Kimmies...the list goes on! haha Aren't our kids cute

Crystal said...

This is around the time I got to meet him. He is such a cutie pie!