Friday, August 8, 2008

Reflections ~ Year One

I decided today to go back and look through Ethan's baby pictures, and then I decided to do a blog with one picture from each month of his life....but divided up by years. So this is Year One and I will post Years 2 and 3 after this. I hope you enjoy! (most of these have probably been seen before already)

Dec. 11th 2005. I think he was about 2 minutes old here. I hadn't even held him yet.
He was born at 4:54 AM.
Jan. 06.
Feb. 06. He had those bug eyes for about 2 months.
Mar. 06. Then he developed the squinchy face...
Apr. 06. He could pull himself across the floor, but it wasn't quite crawling yet.
May. 06. His first really good smile when we made faces at him.
Jun. 06. Crawling around like crazy.
Jul. 06. Someone made him laugh pretty good.

Aug. 06. Look at those teeth coming in. He already had the bottom front two.
Sep. 06. Starting to get some good fuzz on his hair. He even took his first steps this month.
Oct. 06. This picture was actually in Sept, but it works....I don't know why I didn't take any in Oct.
Nov. 06. His little personality was starting to show. He was even saying a few words!
Dec. 06. This was at his 1st Birthday party. He had so much fun!

Looking back at these pictures made me realize how fast that first year went by. At the time it felt slow....waiting for him to hit all his milestones. Now I wish I would have taken more pictures, or I should say, more specific pictures, like him in the same place each month so I could chart his growth. Oh well, tips for the next one I guess. Stay tuned for Year 2!

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Crystal said...

I love that last picture of him!