Friday, August 8, 2008

Reflections ~ Year Three ~ So Far!

We are currently in the 3rd year of parenthood. Wow! I can't believe it. Ethan is growing so fast and talking so much. He is no longer our baby (though, I refer to him as such quite often), but our little boy. His favorite treat is M&M's, and will always be fondly referred to as "Emmies", because that's how he said it for the longest time. Those days are gone, and he is growing up, but we have so much to look forward to with him. He has a wonderful throwing arm, which gets him into trouble sometimes, and a laugh that makes you melt. He says "Please" and "Thank-You" which makes me beam so much! And he gives the best hugs! Okay, on to the pictures, before I write a book on all the cutsie things he does.... (he also knows all his letters and can say huge words, like hippopatamus, but says "fat" instead of "fast"... heehee)

Jan. 08. Just a cute face. He has a big boy bed now, and he made the transition fairly easy.
Feb. 08. In front of my mom's house. He was playing with the rocks and having a grand 'ol time.
Mar. 08. Daddy had just come home from work and he was so happy. He loves his Daddy so much.
Apr. 08. We were playing outside at my grandma's house and in this picture he said "Rock On!" That's my boy!
May 08. First dip in the pool of the year and it was COLD! But he loved it. You can tell how happy he is right? But can you tell his jaw is frozen in that position? LOL. He had a nice warm bath after that.
Jun. 08. We went to California Adventure. I just liked the way this picture looked.
Jul. 08. LOL, I just realized he has the same shirt on in this pic as the last one! Oh well. Here he is trying on Daddy's shoes.
Aug. 08. Swimming in the pool, his favorite thing. He was saying "Cheese!" but with attitude. He looked so cute in these flippers.

That's as far as we've made it in the year so far. I will probably update this post when I get more pictures through the year. Let's hope the rest of this year brings us the ability to move into our own place, and maybe next year or the year after, we can add an addition to the family. Until then, just keep on reading!


Roundy Clan said...

The Emmies thing made me laugh because just yesterday I bought Tyler some M & M's and he just calls them M's. "I want E's momma!" haha Again, our kids are so cute.

Crystal said...

Too cute! He has grown up so fast! What an adorable little boy!