Monday, August 18, 2008

Adventure City!

Last Thursday, Jason had the day off, so we decided to go do something together. Jason found a little amusement park for kids under 12. All the rides were tailored for little kids, and Ethan was able to ride most of them, as long as he had a adult. So we went to check it out. Here are the pictures from our day.

Adventure City has a train that runs around the park and you can ride as often as you want. A big bonus for us, since our guy LOVES trains.

They had a life size Thomas display so we got a picture of Ethan with his favorite train!
On his first thrill ride....a bus that went up in the air in a circle. This was before it started....
....This was during. He didn't like it too much.
They had a great big mister tent where you could cool off. This is Jason and Ethan coming out. So cool.

On the carousel
Jason ducked out of the picture...he was saying "Cheese Mom!"
Ethan's first roller coaster. Jason and I both agreed that it bounced around way too much. Ethan said it was fun, but he also didn't want to go a second time.
Planes you could make go up and down. I ended up in the back of this one....I got dizzy. Go figure.

At the firehouse ride trying on fire gear.

Ethan driving a fire truck. Jason and I BARELY fit in the back of this thing.
Driving his truck
They had a petting area too. Ethan enjoyed petting all the animals.
Me and Ethan next to a goat.

Posing at a lightpost.

Riding the train.
There were alot of cute hats you could try on (and buy). Here is my astronaut.
Robot Ethan
Happy Birthday Hat

Best picture I could get of Jason and I

They had an area next to Thomas with a bunch of train tracks you could build and play with. Ethan was playing with this little kid and having a blast.
He had more fun here than the rest of the park, I think.
When you ride the train, it goes by a make shift town-scape, with murals of different businesses. One of my friend's has a daughter named Brielle and she also used to dance in high school and college. So I had to take this picture for her. I couldn't believe it.
As we were leaving, we walked past this little nature place, and they had these cages outside with different iguanas in them. They were so big! And of course Ethan loves lizards. No brainer, took a picture.

We had a great time and it was nice that he got to ride alot of the rides. Usually we just walk around places and watch, or ride the same rides over and over again. By the way, this place was in Anaheim.

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Crystal said...

Wow you guys always do fun stuff! Im jealous!