Saturday, August 16, 2008

I wish I had a girl....

....but for good reason. I got very frustrated today when I went shopping to get Ethan some new clothes for church. (His belly is starting to show...not good!) I had to go to 3 different stores before I found a place that ACTUALLY sold nice shirts. I got him a couple of polos and some button down plaid shirts, but I still don't feel like they are exactly appropriate for church. I went into Toys 'R Us because they have a clothing section, and under the big sign on the wall that said "Boys - 2-4T" they had GIRLS' clothes!!!! So sorry for this crazy vent, but it would be so easier to have a girl for this one instance.... I would know that no matter what store I walk into, there will be clothes. Poor Ethan just gets to wear the same 'ol thing. I can't wait until he's 4, then we can shop in the regular Boys' section.

Any advice on where to shop for church clothes for boys? Any advice would be appreciated!

(A bonus though, was the last place I went to, was having a sale. Woo Hoo!)


Roundy Clan said...

You know what? I got Tyler button up shirts at walmart. I just went to the boys section and we bought him an extra small. It fits fine, a little big but like you were saying, better a little big then a shirt that doesn't feel quite churchy enough. Also, sometimes they have 4t church pants in the boys section at walmart. So try there. Can you tell in Texas all I have is a walmart close to me?! haha

Also I know how you feel because this is SO true! I tried to get Tyler some shoes a couple of weeks ago and its the same as the clothes. There was an entire section, left and right, of girls shoes and only a couple of rows of boys shoes. It makes me sick because what does it teach our boys? That they aren't as important as girls? whatever stupid department stores. ( okay sorry that was long ) Also sometimes you can find good stuff at Ross, if you have the patience to sift through everything and deal with the crazy costumers there. Good luck!

Crystal said...

I love walmart for boys stuff too. Target has the button down shirt usually for under $5. But usually with those everyone at church has the same 3 shirts every season. lol. I am not someone who pays a lot of kids stuff but at children's place, they have cute stuff. Its usually like $15 for a shirt though... I wouldnt even pay that for me! lol. But yeah walmart and target are my favs. =) Good luck!