Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fun at Uncle Bryan's

Sunday afternoon, my mom, Ethan and I went up to my uncle's house to babysit 3 of their kids while they were out of town. We came back Tuesday evening. Ethan had a blast because he got to play with his cousin Gabe who's about 5 years older than him. So I have a lot of pictures and I will explain as I go!

We went swimming at the clubhouse and my mom took pictures. I think this looks like Ethan is saying "Cheers!"
Ethan and Gabe...Awww
My Aunt and Uncle were driving cross country because she is starting a moblie vet clinic in the Orange County area, and they went to pick up the van in Ohio. This is a picture of Ethan on the scale. He weighed 31.1 lbs it said.
Ethan, Gabe and Amanda
Same day at the pool, I just put the pictures out of order...Ethan didn't want to get in at first.
Riding the noodle
Gabe was doing a cannon ball, but it looks like he is riding on Ethan's shoulders.
My son defying gravity
Splashing mommy!

They were recording silly sounds on the Nintendo DS. I didn't know my mom was going to make that face....Classic!
Amanda and Ethan...he was watching her paint her toes.
Amanda and I made cupcakes for her mom. It was suppossed to be a replica of the van she was looks like a van right? It says," Dr. Silvia ready 2 rock 'n roll"
Ethan getting in batting practice

We took the kids to Pick up Stix one day. Here are the boys.
Amanda and Lucas...they had to sit at another table... :(
Gabe trying to read to Ethan
Lucas jumping funny

Ethan turned this plane into a rocket...he had so much fun
Nose to nose
Gabe and Ethan
Neat side picture
My baby skinned his knee....first one too! And he kept re-skinning it every day we were there....poor thing!

We had a good time!


Roundy Clan said...

I like the nose to nose picture. Very cute!

Crystal said...

Amanda has gotten so big! How fun!

Crystal said...

I love the jumping in the water pic too! Great photography from your momma!