Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jayson and Yvonne got Married!

On Saturday, August 2nd, my best guy friend from high school got married. It was a wonderful day for them and I was so happy to be a part of it. Congratulations to the happy couple! A bonus was that I got to see my friend Crystal and our band director from high school was there too. So we all had a good time. Following are some pictures and the stories that go with them. Enjoy!

Wedding Ballons
The ceremony was outside in the park behind the church. There were so many people there that some people had to stand. Crazy!
The flowers worn by the female family members involved in the wedding...they were so pretty!
The centerpieces.
This is were the bride and groom were to sit during the reception...I don't know if I ever saw them sit there the whole night.
The alter.
Waiting for the bridal party and the bride.

Jayson's mom. Crystal took this picture because I was filming. Jason ended up standing in the back to direct when the bridal party when to walk down the aisle. He had spliced the music together, and they hadn't had a rehearsal so he ended up doing that. He did a great job.
Jayson's sister Brynn. Crystal took this also. Thanks Crystal!
I just like how he looks here. Crystal again! ;)
The bride made it. I have the camera again and Jason went to the back to film the ceremony.
Saying vows...isn't her dress beautiful?

The bridal party
Jayson's brother Garrett
Getting married!
Last picture has a single couple!
The cake! It was white cake with strawberries and banana filling.

First Dance
So happy!
Crystal took a couple of pictures of Jason and I swing dancing. Can you feel the music?
Having fun!

Getting ready to cut the cake.
He dabbed her nose with frosting so she smooshed the cake up his nose...great!
Don't mess with Yvonne!
Making up
It's all good!

I ended up cutting and serving the cake because I happened to be standing there and no one else had been assigned to that. Lucky for me, the cake was square or I would have been in trouble!
Me and my baby. Jayson and Yvonne are the same age Jason and I were when we got married, so I was kinda remembering the past. 7 years and we are still going strong!
Me and Jayson!
They are so happy....but he's squinting here...I don't know why
Hmmmm.....Happy Honeymoon! They left yesterday for a week in Catalina!

Thanks again Crystal for helping me take pictures and also with serving punch! I couldn't have done it without you!

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Crystal said...

Your welcome! I was glad to help! Sorry you had to serve the cake though! =(