Monday, September 29, 2008

It's amazing what you can do with a diaper box and the dollar section at Target...

I am on the activities committee for church, and I was asked to make a box for people to drop off their donations for Halloween night participation. We are combining with Charter Oak this year and are having a Halloween Extravaganza! There is going to be a spook house, chili cook off, costume contest, trick-or-treating, fishing booth, and much more. Anyways, we need white elephant gifts for the fishing booth and donations of candy for the trick-or-treaters. Thus I needed a box for all this, AND I get to empty it each Sunday after church. So I had to have it for this Sunday. Jason and I went to the dollar area in Target to see what they had. They had all kinds of stuff, and then I found the foam letters in the art supply area. I took a diaper box that I had at home, at wrapped a table cloth (dollar section) around it. Then decorating ensued. Here is what I have made:

Front of box
Back of box
Side one
Side two
Close up of part of front section.
I know we are not supposed to be prideful, but this came out so much better than I thought it would and I did it all by myself! My ever so creative husband did not help. I really did not think I was this creative. I am pleased of myself and am looking forward to doing more things like this.

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Sarah said...

All that I have to say is...SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!