Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lake Tahoe!

A couple of weeks ago, we went with Jason's family to their timeshare in Lake Tahoe. We knew it would be cold, but we didn't think there would be as much snow as there was. It ended up melting off, so we had a nice time.

The last pit stop on the way to Tahoe, and there was a little park with some snow, so we let the kids out to play. Ethan doesn't have snow gear, but Sara brought another set for him. There is pink in it, but not too bad. This is Brooke and Ethan playing together.

Jason and his mom.

Posing for Papa.

The 3 current grandkids.

My snow guy.

Papa had fun throwing snowballs at Ethan's butt, and Ethan didn't really seem to mind.

The first morning in our room. Ethan was so excited that it had snowed.
We went to Ihop for breakfast and then for a walk afterwards. It was so pretty seeing all the snow. This was a pattern in the snow and we decided that the sprinklers must have made it, but I think it looks like a flower.

Pretty trees.


Frozen flowers.

Taking a break. Ethan loves the snow.

This is where we were staying.

This was our second day in Tahoe and we went for another walk to go find some birds to feed. On the way we found a pretty fountain and we took pictures by it. Papa with the grandkids.

The boys showing their muscles.

We found a walkway down to the beach and Papa took Ethan and Lily down there. It was neat to see the snow on the sand.

Jason's mom and grandma enjoying the view of the lake.

Jason was cold.

My big guy.

Here he is taking a leap.

Feeding the birds. There were a ton of geese just hanging out along the road.

I love this kid!

Later that day, we went to this little amusement park because they had a potato sack slide. It was the best ride they had there. Jeannie, Sara and Jason took the three kids down it. They had a blast.

Ethan and Lily

Ethan was done so Sara got to go solo. Brooke wanted to ride with Jason.

They even let Jason go down head first. He was going pretty fast.

Then the kids rode this tiny ferris wheel. It was so tiny!

Jason and his grandma.

The last full day we were there, we went fishing. We found this pond that was seeded with fish just for little kids to fish. Adults were not aloud to do the fishing, and because of this, it was free, and the kids could catch and take home as many fish as they wanted. We ended up catching 6 rainbow trout, which were cooked up for dinner that night.

This is Sara and Brooke.

Jason and Ethan

My little fisherman.

Lily caught the first fish.

Ethan caught the 2nd fish.

Then Lily caught the rest.... :-)

Papa and Ethan

Reeling in another!

Brooke just liked reeling in the line.

"The Bobber Watchers" Jeannie and Grammy. It wasn't really that cold, but the sun was coming down right on us.

Ethan taking a "snooze"

A chipmunk. There were quite a few and then that's what the kids were interested in. That's when we decided to call it quits. But everyone had fun, which is the important thing.
We headed home the next day. We had a really good time and it was nice going somewhere where it wasn't so hot.

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