Saturday, November 8, 2008

We have officially moved!

We have officially moved! Woohoo! Last Saturday was a busy day. I had intended to take pictures of the whole ordeal, but I left my camera in my mom's car from the day before. Whoops. Oh well. It took the whole day to get it done, but we finally did. I can't tell you how joyful I felt when I got the key in my hand to the apartment. To be able to decorate how I want, and to have my kitchen my own way. I never realized how wonderful it would feel.

I want to say thank you to everyone who helped us move. Jacob, Nick and Anne were with us all day. They drove out to Covina to help load the few things we had there. We couldn't have done it without you...I don't think Jason and I could have gotten the fridge out the way you guys did! Then Sarah and Paul met us at our new place and then stayed with us the rest of the time. Paul, you were very helpful with the manuvering of our refridgerator up the stairs. Thank you! We breaked for lunch and then headed over to get a couch from my grandparents and then over to get the rest of the stuff from my mom's. Jayson and Yvonne met us over there, which worked out good because we ended up needing their car to move some of our things. It also helped to have another guy, because Jason's hands cramped up for a bit, so he was able to take a break. After everyone left, they stayed for a little bit and helped us clean and organize enough so we could walk through the apartment without tripping. Thank you!

So things are coming along nicely. My mom has been here almost everyday, and although I drag my feet with getting things put away, it is much nicer having it done than not. Thanks mom! And thanks also for the other things you have done for us also. It means so much.

I can't wait to have more friends over to hang out. This next week should be a good time for it, so if anyone wants to come over, I would be happy to have you!

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Roundy Clan said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you guys!!! I am glad you updated because I have been wondering. YEAH!