Thursday, December 3, 2009


We had a full Thanksgiving week. We went to my aunt's house on the Sunday before and had a TON of food. It was really good, and it was nice to hang out with them. Here are some pictures from there.

Ethan snuggled up watching Lilo and Stitch

My cousin Justin eating a turkey leg.

Justin's wife, Ashley, gave Ethan some cocoa crispies and a bowl of water, because he wanted to be a dog.

Justin, Carly and Ethan pretending to be sleeping bunnies.

Ethan giving Carly a kiss.

Ethan wearing a Thanksgiving decoration.
On the actual day of Thanksgiving, we started out the day at my grandma's house. This is just one of the tables we used to seat everyone.

My brother, being himself.

Me, cousin Chelsea and cousin Nicole. I think the last time we were all together was possibly my wedding. We are all 2 months apart from each other in age. Anyways, it was nice getting a picture of all of us.

Poppy, listening to Uncle Bryan talk about something.

Gabe, Amanda, Lauren and Lucas.

Adam, his fiance Morgan, and her mom Dee. They were showing off the pie, which represented the coming together of Boise and's a football thing.
After my grandma's, we went over to Jason's sister's house and had dinner there. Here is a picture of Hillary and I. I had to get one of the two of us pregnant together. Hillary is due any day now! Can't wait!
Ethan and Brooke...Ethan lost his pants because they got wet.

Jeannie mixing the gravy

Don carving the turkey

Bart, Aaron and Ryan, relaxing.

Josh with Brooke

Bart's dad, getting ready to attack Don. Don was oblivious and I just thought it was great!

Anyways, that was our Thanksgiving. We had a great time spending so much time, with so much family!

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