Friday, December 25, 2009

30 week update!

As of yesterday, I am 30 weeks pregnant. Woohoo! I'm getting closer, and it feels so good, because I am getting pretty uncomfortable. Here is my update: As you know, I was diagnosed with placenta previa, which was going to be monitored to see if it corrected itself. It has and I am so happy about it. I don't feel like I have to walk on eggshells anymore, thinking I might detatch something. I also had my glucose screening test. This is the test to see if you have gestational diabetes. My first test came back with elevated levels, so I had to redo it. Those results came back, and my levels are fine. Yay! So, I am not too worried about anything. Baby Michael is moving like crazy, even as I speak, which at times, feels wonderful, and at others, I feel as though he is trying to punch his way out. It is a great sensation, and a painful one at the same time.

I also have some new pictures. The first 2 are my belly with the Alliance Crest from World of Warcraft painted on it. Jason painted it on my belly, because Blizzard (the company that does the game) is making a mosaic out of people with either the Alliance or Horde Crest in a picture with them. I thought this was a creative way to do it, and I've always wanted to do some kind of paint thing on my belly that was unique. The last picture is me at 29 weeks, just my regular preggo pic. Enjoy!

For the Alliance!

I feel so big.

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