Friday, March 21, 2008


So I LOVE photography. It was my major in college and I would love to go back to studying it again. So anytime I have the opportunity to take pictures, (Especially nature ones) I jump on it. Here are the nature shots I took on our trip to the Santa Rosa Reserve:

Our State Flower: The California Poppy.
I think this is my favorite poppy picture.
Chocolate Lilies with a fallen log.
Wildflowers along the road...nature's bouquet.
A poppy field.
Closer look at the poppy field.
I don't know what the white flowers are, but they remind me of baby's breath.

A type of Lupine
The view from the Chocolate Lily trail.
A cool looking tree.
The Chocolate Lily
Another cool tree.

Some pretty flowers.
There were lots of cool trees.
More flowers.
Poppies mixed with rocks.
Another lupine

Cool fallen tree.
I love that you can see the snow-capped mountains in the distance.
Different shot, same view.
The water snake. I can't believe I got the sun reflecting off the water.
Nice close-up.

I hope you enjoyed my photography! Let me know what you think.


Crystal said...

ooh! I liked the one that you wrote "another cool tree". That is my fav. They are all really good though! Nice job!

Roundy Clan said...

Yeah nature! I can't wait for the bluebonnets to bloom here so I can take some cool pictures like you! Great job.