Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Birthday pics...

Here are some more pictures from Brooke's party. Jason's dad took these pictures. There are some really good ones. I know it seems like alot, but he took over 200...I didn't think I should put them all here.

Ethan watching the present opening.
Brooke was sooo excited about this present...just too cute.
Ethan playing with Lily and one of her friends.
Mmmmm....Yummy cupcakes!
Jason and I enjoying our dinner
The Carrasco Family
Bart cleaning up
Ethan playing

Sara coming down the slide
Jeannie coming down the slide
Lily helped blow out Brooke's candle
The Birthday cake
Brooke taking a yummy bite

Ethan holding hands with Daddy
Brooke gazing into the future!
Ethan waving to Papa
Grandma playing with the kids
Ethan coming down the slide

Sara and Brooke
Jason and Ethan
Lily's Cover Shot
Ethan at the top of the world

The End!

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