Friday, June 20, 2008

Sprinklers or bubbles?

Are sprinklers or bubbles more fun? I guess it depends on your mood. Or maybe you can do them both.... like Ethan and I did the other night while we were at my mom's. I needed to run the sprinklers and so I decided it was time once again for bubble blowing. But Ethan had just as much time running in the water. But he did a good job of not getting too wet, seeing as it was getting close to bedtime.

Blowing thru a bubble tube
This is the only pipe I ever want to see him "smoking"...nice bubble!
He always finds new and inventive ways to use things.
Time for something new
Not bad...but the picture sux.
Time to rinse
The other sprinkler got him
But he liked it.... Happy early 4th of July by the way!
Leaving his mark....
.....all over the place.

So much fun when we go to grandma's house!