Friday, January 25, 2008

Fun at McDonald's

Today we went to run some errands, and stopped to have lunch at McDonald's so Ethan could play on the playplace. He was having so much fun! But what made it nice was this young boy that was there. He was running around with another little boy that looked about Ethan's age. I assumed they were brothers. Well, after awhile, the little boy and his mother left, and this young boy was still there. Turns out he was just playing with this other kid.

Anyways, Ethan was wanting to go thru this tube waayy at the top of the play equipment. But he wanted Daddy to go with him. Jason couldn't go up there, so this young boy offered to play with him for awhile. He was so nice, and he looked after Ethan like he was his own brother.

After observing for awhile, we gathered that he was the oldest of 4 kids that were there. The youngest little boy had Down Syndrome. You could just tell. I had such a warm feeling. This young boy obviously had a huge heart, not only for others, but he was very caring towards his brother. Anyways, I just thought that it was a special kinda story, and I wanted to share!

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Crystal said...

That is very special. I love to see kids open their hearts up. They are such special human beings. =)