Sunday, January 20, 2008

My friend Jayson

In my previous post, I mentioned that December was a busy month. I wasn't kidding. My friend Jayson, decided to propose to his girlfriend this month also, so we had to find a babysitter( thanks mom!) and Jason's mom did my hair for me also. Jason wanted to do a formal dance setting, because his girlfriend, Yvonne, had never been to one due to homeschooling. So his friends decorated the cultural hall at church like a dance. Also, Yvonne thought they were going to see the Phil Harmonic for their anniversary, and then thought this was the surprise to the anniversary. Only a few of the guests knew Jayson was going to propose. I was one of them. I took video of the proposal and it's up on my MySpace page Here are a couple of pictures of the dance and of Jason and I.

The decorations before the guest of honor arrived.
The buffet table.
Okay, I had to take a picture of my hair. Jeannie did a great job! (Thanks!)
Jason and I before the dance.
Another picture of us.
I am practicing taking my self portraits.
My handsome husband!
The newly engaged couple. Aren't they cute?
As of right now the wedding date is May 24th. I don't think it will change. Congrats!

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Crystal said...

So adorable! I love your hair, very cute!