Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BSR Potluck

Wanna know how long it's been? A long time, because I thought I blogged about the BSR Potluck that we went to, and that was back in August. Whoops! Well, here we go:

Jayson and Yvonne Cardon. Jayson was a freshman when I was a senior, and we have been through alot of crazy stuff together. It's been so cool to see him grow from a goofy freshman into a responsible adult.

Our little group that sat together. Ethan, my mom and my brother Adam. Chris Tobler, Jayson & Yvonne and Paul & Sarah Darr. We had alot of fun watching the new band perform.

Ethan grooving to the music!

A BSR cake made for Mr. Jackson. He was the director when I was in band, then he left and it's his first year back.
Anyways, it was lot of fun to see people I haven't seen in a LONG time. It would have been nice to see some that weren't there, but people move and get lives, and it's not always possible to see each other like this. But it was still a great evening.

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