Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Almost 18 weeks

Ok, so not the best picture, but this is me at 16 weeks: 4 months preggy.

Thursday I will be 18 weeks in my pregnancy. I have lost weight and that frightens me a little. I have an appointment tomorrow, so we will see what the doctor says. I did weigh myself yesterday and it looks like I put some weight back on, so I hope the doctor's scale says the same thing.

I should be finding out the sex of the baby soon...maybe tomorrow, though that would kind of suck since Jason can't come to the appointment. I just want a new picture and to hear the heartbeat.

I have lower back pain on my left side, and it's gotten worse over that last couple of days. It used to just hurt when I bent down or twisted to get something, but now it hurts even when I am just sitting still. That's on my list to ask tomorrow.

I'm excited about this pregnancy, but I want to be noticable. Right now I don't look pregnant. And it's not that I want attention, it would just make it more real for me. Either that or to feel the baby moving.

I just wanted to share my thoughts at this point. Thanks for listening!

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