Saturday, August 13, 2011


Sometimes my husband's job can be blah. Sometimes it can be awesome! Tonight was one of those. A few weeks ago his company was given discounted tickets to Medieval Times. $27 bucks a person. Normally they are 34.95 for kids and 59 for adults. So we decided to go tonight! The price was good for more than just us, so we invited Jason's mom and dad to come with us.

Ethan was so excited that he was going to see a castle! The show started at 6:30. We were assigned to the Green Knight, who turned out to be the bad guy. But green is Ethan's favorite color so he didn't care.

The food came and was so good. They served this tomato/vegetable/minestrone soup that was really good. Since we had Michael with us, it was a bit hard to juggle, but we ended up putting a straw in the bowl and he went to town! This boy loves food of any kind. Awesome.

Ethan is our picky one, but even he couldn't resist the chicken. Both kids did really great and enjoyed the show. Michael even clapped for our knight. It was nice doing something a bit different that we wouldn't normally get to do because of the price. Ethan had a great time and he loved being able to share it with his grandparents too!

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