Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Past Sunday~ Birthdays!

This past Sunday, practically my whole family was at my grandpa's house to do a joint celebration for the people who had birthdays in June, July and August. This included Jason, Nicole, Adam, Morgan, Justin, Bryan and Lauren. Whew! I kind of like doing the big get togethers because you get to see everyone all at once and then have a great party.

My brother, Adam, grilled up some hamburgers, hot dogs and bratwursts. There was a lot of good grub. We ate around 2 and then around 4, my uncle Bryan arrived with his family, who had been celebrating Lauren's birthday up in Lake Arrowhead over the weekend. She had about 8 friends with her, so when they showed up, it was almost like watching a clown car empty, there were so many people!

After they ate, we had dessert, which was 3 different kinds of cupcakes (strawberry, German chocolate, and a chocolate peanut butter) AND a peach crisp. Yummy! My favorite was the strawberry cupcakes. After dessert everyone opened gifts.

I really do love getting together with my family. There is always some kind of craziness, but there is also a lot of laughter, which is the best part!

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