Saturday, August 20, 2011

So excited...and nervous, but it's good!

I am an amatueur photographer. I would LOVE to do this professionally. 2 problems: 1) no money for better equipment 2) no time or places to really practice and hone my skill.

But I am super excited because I have the opportunity to do a semi-professional photoshoot tomorrow. Yay! Here are the details:

My mother in law works at a salon, where she is an excellent beautician. She has gotten work for Jason building the website for the salon and a website needs pictures. Enter me. Woohoo!

I am blessed to have a mother in law who has faith in my photography skills enough to have me take pictures of the salon in action. I'm to take a group shot of all the stylists and some in action shots of everyone doing their thing. I already went over there when it was empty and took pictures of the salon as a clean slate. I'm nervous because I've never done anything like this on this scale and I hope I do a good job.

If you are in the San Gabriel Valley and you want your hair or nails done, or you're interested in a spa treatment, come to Sonny's Salon and Day Spa. Located off the 10 fwy, exit Barranca. It's excellent and everyone is super nice. Hey, you might even see some of my photos!

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