Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm my own worst critic

Today was my big photo shoot at the salon. I was super nervous and so glad my mother in law was there and I wasn't flying solo. It helped to ease me in and gain a report with the stylists and clients. I had an absolutely fabulous time taking pictures of all the different styling techniques and getting to know everyone. I was there for 4 hours and left smiling. Everyone thought I was very professional and one person asked for my business card (which I don't have, but what a complement!).

Then I got home and looked at my pictures on the computer. I did get good shots, but out of the 426 I took, maybe 50 are usable. And half of those will be difficult because Jason won't be able to rotate them or crop them the best way for the website. Aw nuts!

I am being super hard on myself because I know I can take good pictures, and I thought I did, but what you see on the camera doesn't always come out right on the computer. I felt like crying. I feel like I let Jason and his mom down, not to mention all the stylists, who I'll probably have to take pictures of again. I know I'm being irrational, but I had such a great vibe during the day and then it's like someone let the air out of my balloon. :-(

But I have a great husband who is cheering me on! We are going to work on editing the pictures and see what we can do. Then we will just have to work out a time for me to do it again. The next time I will do better. I know what needs to happen now and I will still do my best to get it done. Thank you to everyone that wished me well and that believes in me. It really helped today knowing I had a cheering section. :-)

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Roundy Clan said...

The best thing is that you learned and that even though you feel discouraged, that you are willing to try again! Pretty much EVEREY time I take pictures there are so many that I think, Man I thought that picture looked much lighter when I saw it on my camera. Don't fret! I'm sure next time you'll get awesome ones. :)