Monday, August 22, 2011

Ethan's First Day of Kindergarten Pictures

School started at 8am sharp, so I had most of Ethan's things ready the night before. This morning all I had to worry about was getting him fed and dressed. He woke up on his own at 6:30 this morning, saying, "Do you know what day it is today???? School!!" I hope he keeps his enthusiasm. He had an apple for breakfast while Mom got dressed and everything ready so that when it was time to go, we could wake up Michael and head out the door. Michael woke up on his own though, and we headed out the door at 7:30. It takes us 10 minutes to walk to school. We got there about 7:40 and the gates were closed, with a bazillion parents and kids hanging out, waiting. At 7:50, the bell rang and the gates opened. The kindergarteners have their own seperate area, which makes it nice, they don't get lost in the shuffle.

Ethan before we left the house.

Saying "later" to Michael

Waiting for class to start.

The parents got to go into the classroom with the kids while the teacher gave us some info and then read a story to the kids about the first day of school. Ethan was not shy, he even announced it to the room.

Ethan on the rug.

Michael being entertained while the teacher gave us the low down.

We said our goodbyes and Ethan did great. No tears from him or mommy. On the way back home, this was the sky. It was gorgeous.

Michael and I had a quiet morning at home and then he took a nap, which made it REALLY quiet. I tried to lay down and get some rest, but my mind kept going back to Ethan...Wondering what he was doing, if he was still ok, did he eat his lunch.

I didn't need to worry. He did great! Running to me after class.

Hey mom, let's go home.
After Daddy got home, we took him out to the mall to celebrate his milestone. We had McDonald's and then got ice cream for dessert.

My boys. Ethan was full of energy.

Happy Michael

Having fun at the mall.

Definitely not a baby anymore!

Ice cream buzz!

A drawing from school

Michael going for a spin.

We had a lot of fun today and Ethan did an awesome job at school. Jason and I are so proud of him and the way he handled himself. Way to go big guy!

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Kristy Lou said...

So glad he had a great frist day! Makes it much better for the mommy so she doesn't have to worry (as much). :)