Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet and Greet...yeah right

I got a call last night at 7:30 letting me know that there was going to be a Meet and Greet at Ethan's school the next day from 12-1. Oh great..right during Michael's naptime. I didn't really NEED a sitter, but I really didn't want to walk to the school with a cranky baby AND try to talk to the teacher. Thanks Mom for coming all the way out here and hanging out with us today, but more importantly, being able to just focus in Ethan.

I met the teacher, Ethan got super shy, and I found out I wasted money on school supplies I didn't need. He needs absolutely nothing for school except his lunch and school uniforms. I'm glad I don't have to worry about making sure he has all his supplies. But it would have been nice if that info had been given to me before I bought a whole bunch of stuff. You might think, "why didn't you wait for a school supply list?" Excellent question! Problem is, I've never gotten one. Just today I got the school lunch application and school starts Monday. Really? Not starting off on the right foot here.

My lesson for today is that I am going to need to be a bit more pro active than I originally thought. Woohoo!

I really am excited to see my first born get ready to start school. His excitement is the best part of this whole thing. I hope he thrives!

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