Thursday, August 18, 2011

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday!

After the long eventful weekend, it was nice to not go anywhere on Monday. Ah, chill!

Tuesday, I took the boys up to my mom's house because I was meeting a friend from high school to take some maternity pictures. She and her husband are so excited to start their family, and her joy was written all over her face. So my mom watched the boys while we went to a park to snap photos. The first park we went to had an ant problem, so we ended up going to a different park. I had a lot of fun catching up and clicking photos. She's due September 6th, which is my nephew's birthday! I wish her a speedy and (mostly) pain free labor!

The rest of Tuesday was just hanging out with my mom, which was nice, because usually when we are up there, we end up running all over the place. It was nice to just sit and catch up on whatever had recently happened over the last couple of days.

We ended up going to this little burger joint for dinner. Let's see if I can describe this: the fountain machine was different. It had a space for one cup at a time. You pushed a lever and got your ice. Then you go to the touchscreen. TOUCHSCREEN people! If you wanted Coke, you tapped on the Coke button. THEN it gave you options for which kind: cherry, vanilla, grape, etc. Once you picked the flavor, you hit the dispense button and out comes your soda. Groovy. The sign said there were 106 drink possibilities. So cool!

Today was Wednesday. I woke up with a sore throat. Blah. It felt better through the day but I still do not feel tip top. So we didn't go anywhere today. My mom is coming up tomorrow to watch Michael, because at 7:30 tonight, I got a call from Ethan's school saying there is a Meet and Greet tomorrow from 12-1...right in the middle of Michael's naptime. It will be easier to go to without a crabby baby. So thanks Mom for coming to help me out!

Thanks for reading about my adventures! More to come...tomorrow!

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