Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wednesday...Playdate with Crystal!

On Wednesday, Crystal's playgroup was going to go fly kites. I thought Ethan would have a really good time doing that. Well, about halfway down there, I found out it got cancelled due to weird weather. Since I was already on my way, Crystal and I decided to just get together and have a laidback afternoon together. We went to her house and hung out for awhile and then we went to go pick Brielle up from preschool. Then we went to have dinner at Chick-Fil-A. It was pretty good! The rest of the time the kids just played in the play area and we got to talk about old times, and new times. It was nice. Here are some pictures:

My hair looks bad but I think overall I look good. Not bad for 8:30 at night, getting ready for an hour and a half drive home. We got home just before 10. Ethan stayed awake the whole time!
Ethan sliding
Kids telling secrets...
Brielle was trying to hug Ethan and she moved at the same time....this was the resulting picture I took. No one was hurt...I just think she looks like an olympian.
The very loving squeeze!
I LOVE Ethan's smile in this...I rarely get it on camera!

Welcome to my treehouse!
Hi Mom!
Ethan sliding some more.
Elijah and cute!

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