Tuesday, May 6, 2008

La Brea Tar Pits

We got lucky this week and Jason had Monday and today off of work. So yesterday, we went to the La Brea Tar Pits. Jason has been trying to get me to go for a long time, but it just didn't fit into our schedule. So we finally went! Ethan had a great time. He kept going "Oooh" and "WHOA!" and then giggling. It was so fun. They also had one of their excavation sites open to look at. I didn't realize that they are STILL excavating there. No workers were working, but in June you can see them doing the actual digging. Pretty neat.

Here is the excavation site: Pit 91
Bones are marked with flags. There was a sloth, saber tiger and horse...something else, I just can't remember.
Ethan riding a sloth statue.
Different sloth.
Posing with a bear.
We had to wear stickers, and Ethan likes to pull them off...so Jason got smart and put it on his back. See...parents have brains!
Laying in a mammoth footprint.
The main lake pit.
Following pawprints to the excavation site.
Walking with Dad.

Ethan compared to a mammoth. He looked at it and said, "Manny!" You know what this means if you have seen Ice Age.
Looks like Ethan and Jason got eaten by the tiger....lol.
In front of Mammoth bones. You can kinda see Ethan going "OOOHHHH!"
Imitating the mammoth maybe? But oh so cute!
They had this display where you could try and pull something out of the tar. It was really hard! Ethan was trying really hard, and this is his strongman face.

We had a great time...so good in fact that Ethan fell asleep on the way home. I actually think we were maybe in the car for 2 minutes, and we look back and he was out like a light. Poor kid!

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Crystal said...

I am glad you guys had fun. I have never been there before, surprisingly. Maybe when the kids are a little older... hehe.