Thursday, May 1, 2008

Monday Night

Monday nights, Jeannie watches all the grandkids so Sara can go to school and we can have a date night. This Monday, Jason thought we should go check out The Grove. Well, he got directions and it told us it was in Sierra Madre. When we got there, we ended up in the middle of a residential area. So, he looked it up again and it's in L.A! Oops! So we got to see some pretty houses and then we decided to eat dinner at the El Torito that's around the corner from us.

A picture of the sky on the way to Sierra Madre.
Jason driving to Sierra Madre.
Jason ordered this tostada and while we were waiting he said he really wasn't that hungry...they brought him this:
Okay. I have this weird thing under my wedding ring on my finger. It has been itching, so Jason told me to take my ring off. :( It looks and feels like a mix between a blister and a chemical burn, which I have no idea how I could have gotten either of them under my wedding ring. Just curious if this looks familiar to anyone? It's healing up now, and looks like a healing sunburn.
I know this is a bad picture but oh well!


Roundy Clan said...

I am allergic to gold and thats what happens when I wear it. Sometimes it would take me a couple of months to break out but sometimes ( especially when it was hot ) I would break out after just one day! Sooooo maybe you're allergic to gold or something else on your ring. Any ways...just thought I'd tell you. xoxo

kailiaelf said...

But I have had the ring for 7 years, and it just now starts doing it?? Weird. Thanks for the advice though!

Roundy Clan said...

I still wonder though because my mom gave me her class ring and it was gold and I wore it for like two years before I broke out the first time...but who knows. After this clears up and you start wearing your ring again, if it happens again I bet it is a allergic reaction.

Sarah said...

It could be that you got something under there (like soap or some other cleaning product) and it just irritated the skin. I think that the previous advice is leave your ring off until it heals...and maybe in the future, take your ring off when you have to clean things (even the dishes).