Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pool time!

Summer is just about here (calender wise) and it's time for some time in the pool. Only thing is that Don and Jeannie's isn't heated, so it has to be really hot for you to get in, or you have to be brave....or stupid I guess. Anyways, Jason decided to test the water so he and Ethan could go in. Well, it was cold, but they wanted to get in. Option: Brave and stupid. LOL! They didn't stay in too long. Jason got Ethan out when he started shaking. And then they took a warm bath to get the feeling back in their bodies. I took pictures and video of the whole thing. I really need to figure out how to get the video loaded because it's hilarious! Anyways, here are some pictures!

Testing the water.
Does he look cold? Look how his eyebrows are raised!

Cute back shot
Hi Mom!
Got some water in the mouth

First shot halfway in...I think it's cold!
This is fun!
He loves the pool!
Climbing on dad...although it looks like he doesn't want to be in!

They had fun though!

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