Friday, May 2, 2008


On Thursday, I got so see my friend Jayson. We've known each other since high school, almost 10 years. Wow...tha makes me feel old. LOL! Anyways, he took Ethan and I to lunch with his fiance Yvonne. Ethan just loved him. They had a blast, and Jayson even took him walking around outside, and they saw a lizard...they are best friends now. A little history:

Jayson was a freshman when I was a senior. He was in the trombone section with me. I kinda took him under my wing. I hope a was a good influence on him. I guess so since we are still friends. He was even a groomsman at my wedding. I felt weird asking him to be a bridesmaid, so Jason asked him. It was so nice having a friend of mine on the male side.

I took some pictures while we were hanging out, and here they are. I think I got some good candid one.

Jayson said "Wave to Mommy!" This is what I got.
Jayson, Ethan and Yvonne. Ethan looks slightly confused...
I love hanging out with friends, and the ones from high school are even better sometimes, because we get to reminecse about all the crazy stuff we used to do!

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Crystal said...

I am jealous! I want to come next time. Yvonne is so cute! Jayson is a luck guy! I am glad you guys had so much fun!