Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's been about a week

I've been trying to be better about keeping up on my blog, and being able to do it has been great. However, I miss adding pictures! But when the day is done, I just want to relax with Jason and not have my face buried in the computer. So I have a neglected blog. I think I might try blogging on the phone and then later, go back and edit the posts by adding pictures. We will see how that goes.

Last Saturday we went to the LA Arboretum, which I a huge botanical gardens. It cost 8 bucks for adults, 3 for 5 and up and 5 and under are free. We had never been before and the weather was supposed to be cooler Saturday so off we went. Holy cow, we walked in and about 5 steps later BOOM! Free range peacock right there in front of us. No way. It was just chilling. I can't wait to post the pictures. Ethan was 4 feet from the sucker and would have got closer if I let him. Over the course of the day, we must have run across 20, various sizes and coloration. So cool. Worth the money just for that. This place is very stroller friendly and even. Not hilly at all so you can cover more area without getting winded. I read later that the 3rd Tuesday of every month is free for everyone so check it out.

This past Tuesday, Ethan had his first Back To School night. It actually was more of an informative night, but we did get to see his classroom and some of the crafts he's made. Today I got a letter from his teacher saying that he's getting a special certificate on Monday for all the progress he's made so far! So proud!

Other than that, it's been day to day stuff. I'm looking forward to the fall weather and gearing up for holidays. I'm already thinking of Christmas because I want to try and do some crafting. Hope it goes good!

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