Saturday, December 31, 2011

The End of a Year

I make no apologies for the lack of a blog. Our life got pretty busy and I just didn't have the time or energy to update Facebook and this blog.

It's New Year's Eve and I had to write something. So much has happened. First, we are expecting our 3rd child somewhere around June 24th. We are very excited and see this as most likely being our last. Lots of different emotions going on. My brother is also expecting his first child about a month before me. It's neat to be pregnant at the same time.

Some thoughts: This year has had some ups and downs but mostly been a good year. The hardest part was dealing with the firsts of losing my grandma. This past year had all the first holidays without her. We miss her so much and the presence she brought to our family but I know we will see her again. The best parts of the year, for me have been all the togetherness. A new baby was born in January. Lots of fun and laughter has been had. Ethan started school and is thriving! I am so proud of him.

This next year should be great. My cousin is also expecting her second child in March so 3 babies will be born and my other cousin is getting married. Who knows what else might happen? More engagements? You never know. I wish everyone a very happy new year and hope it holds wonderful things for all!

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Barbara said...

Congrats on baby 3! So much exciting stuff happening this year!