Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random thoughts

I don't really have a specific thing I want to write about, but it's almost midnight and I can't sleep again. So I thought I would write a couple of my thoughts down. Lately they have been about Ethan and school, because that's the most exciting thing going on with us right now. He's doing really well. Next week is Back To School night and I'm looking forward to seeing all the things he's been doing in class. He also came home with 2 things: the Parent/Teacher handbook and his first permission slip for a field trip. Woohoo!

Handbook: mostly just rules but what I was excited to get was the list of school holidays and breaks. You should see this thing! There are so many things to remember. Minimum days, shortened days, no school, conference week. Whew! He gets a week of for Thansgiving and 2 weeks for Christmas. I need to look again but I think just 1 week for Spring Break.

Field Trip: it's in 3 weeks and to the LA County Fair. I'm going to try and go. Hopefully Mom can watch Michael. I also have to get a TB Test in order to go with. My mom wasn't able to go on many field trips with us when we were little because she was a working single mother. But the few she could go on, I enjoyed. My favorite was when she went with the HS choir to Washington DC. It was fun to experience new things together. So I would like to go on Ethan's 1st. Just to see how he does and be there to take pictures. Hopefully he will enjoy me too. When he heard I had to get a "shot" he said, "Mom, you don't need to go, I'll be brave." He didn't want me to have to get a shot. So sweet!

Anyways, that's about it for now.

Oh! The salon I took pictures for has their website up and running. If you would like to go see the pictures I took, the address is:

Go check it out!

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Pure Images said...

I love that you are posting on your blog all the time again! :)

I am excited you are going to try and go on Ethan's field trip. If your mom can't watch Michael, let me know, I would love to watch him!

Glad things are going well. Miss u!