Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wheel...of...Fortune! (sucks)

Well, on Thursday, my mom and I decided to go to Casino Morongo to try-out for Wheel of Fortune. It was scheduled between 6-10pm. We got there around 5pm and tried to find out where the line started and what was going on. We found a line and we were directed to the back of the casino where we would find a different line for a different set of armbands to get into the next round of auditions. We found it, and also the person who was handing out bands, but she ran out right as we got there. She said to wait there (which was not in an actual line) and said she would be back with more. She never came back. We ended up just going to the back of the line so we would have a spot. I think another hour went by, then someone said someone would be coming around with yellow bands, to get into the 9pm round. An hour later they showed up. LONG, boring story short, we waited in that line for 4 hours, with no where to sit down, thinking we would have chairs to sit in once we got inside. NOPE! So another hour on our feet. They pulled names 5 at a time to get a shot to get heard and solve puzzles. I think a total of 25 people went up and they were done. There were 1100 people in our group. RE-TAR-DED! So we left, aching. My feet and knees were a wreck and my mom was having pain in her hips. And we got nothing. Nothing that said we were there of anything...unless you want to count the paper wristband. We were very disappointed with how it was put together. There was alot of confusion and we got alot of misinformation.

Me on our way to the casino.

Me and mom around 7:30 or 8. We were tired and I had nothing better to do, so a nice lady took our picture.

My mom once we got in the room.

OMG! It's Vanna! Not.... this was the setup. The letters were drawn on with dry erase markers....LOL!

Yep, next time, mom and I are just going to go out to dinner instead.

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