Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Brooke!

Last Saturday, we celebrated my niece, Brooke's 2nd birthday. It was held at a park in Rancho Cucamonga. We had a really good time, but there was some slight drama. We got there, and it was a bit breezy, so I immediately went back to the car to get jackets. When I came back, I saw Jason walking with Ethan and Lily to the restrooms. So I wondered what happened. They were on these spinning chairs (picture later) and both kids fell off at the same time, into the sand. Sand was everywhere, but Ethan road rashed his forehead pretty good. Not enough to slow him down though.

Ethan and Lily

Slide of death. As Bart said, "This is a lawsuit waiting to happen." This slide has no business being in a park. There are no side to protect the kids from falling off and it is about a foot wide. I think if I tried to go down it, my butt would hang over each side. (I know, not very flattering, but I think the same would be true for any adult butt.) And there are no rails to help you climb up the is a ladder. It was more like an art structure than playground equipment.

Lily and Ethan running.

Brooke and Ethan swinging. Swings are his new favorite thing.


Brooke having a great time.

Ethan and Brooke

Sara got a clown to come and do painting and balloons. At first Ethan was scared, but after he saw others getting stuff with the clown, he was all over it. He got Batman painted on his arm.

Brooke getting a mermaid.

Getting balloon swords. They were a big hit.

Ethan chasing Lily with his sword.

Brooke was very anxious to eat her cake.

Ethan with Batman and Spider-Man on his arms.

Brooke blowing out the candles with help from Lily.

Ethan trying to eat his cupcake.

After the kids went through the clown about 10 times, I decided I deserved a little fun. I actually started the trend of adult face-fainting for the day. I got a pretty butterfly.

Brooke beating up her Ariel pinata.

Ethan taking some really good whacks with it.

Lily's turn.


Papa with Ariel's tail.

Uncle Ryan got Spider-Man on his face.

Spider-Man balloon.

The kids squishing each other on the slide.

Loads of fun!

Okay, here is a picture of Sara spinning Bart on the spinning chair thing that the kids fell off of. 2 seconds after this, Bart was in the dirt. LOL!

Happy Birthday Brooke!

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