Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunday...where do I begin?

This past Sunday started like any other Sunday. We got up, we got dressed and we headed to church. The problem started when it was time to take Ethan to Primary. He said he didn't want to go because he was scared. When asked why, he said "Because of the pumpkins." (There is a paper garden on the wall and there are some pumpkins) When asked what was scary, he said, "They are going to pull me apart." What? So we told him that he would have to sit still and quiet with us in Sunday School, with his arms folded. We thought he would be begging to go to Primary in a matter of minutes.... if ONLY we were so lucky! He actually sat still for the longest he ever has in his life. Whenever we asked if he was ready to go to Primary, he would say no. So, we know now for sure that Ethan inherited my stubborness. We ended up leaving after that because Jason or I would miss our next class because one of us would have to be out in the hall with him. We go him all loaded in the car and he starts crying. "I want to go to Primary!" Oh it was too late. He needed to know there were consequences, so we headed home. He screamed so loud! And he kept trying to get out of his carseat. We finally got home and he took a nap. Jason and I just didn't know what to do. So next Sunday one of us is going to go in there with him.

After he woke up, we decided to take him to the park. We thought he could use some outdoor time. So here are some pictures from that afternoon.

There are alot form the swings because he kept wanting to go back to them.

Then he started going down the slide backwards...

He turned halfway through and I got an action shot.

He was worn out and just tucked himself into the swing.

Anyways, pray that we don't have to deal with that craziness again anytime soon.

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